Sweet Surprise 2020
Multiple Participation Package Registration

By registering online, you will be able to participate multiple times in the audio webcast of Sweet Surprise at a reduced price. You will have a choice to participate in English or Hindi.

The prerequisite for registering for multiple participation package is that you have participated in Sweet Surprise once.

To register for single participation click here.
For more information about Multiple Participation package visit the commonly asked questions.

If you have participated once in Sweet Surprise 2020, e.g. at a Gurudev Siddha Peeth, or a Siddha Yoga meditation center or chanting and meditation center or online, please confirm below so that you can register for the Multiple Participation package:

Click below to register for one of the multiple participation categories in
Sweet Surprise 2020

"Adults" means individuals above age of 24 years

"Young Adults" means individuals upto the age of 24 years

"Family" means 2 or more adults in a family. E.g.:
- Husband and Wife
-Mother and/or father and children over the age of 24

"Seniors" means: Any senior aged 60 or over
(whether or not they live with their son/daughter/grandchildren)

Offline registration (internet banking, cash deposit in Chitshakti Trust's Account, sending an at par Cheque / Demand Draft/Money Order, Debit/Credit card payment at Chitshakti Trust bookstore at Gurudev Siddha Peeth). You will receive the login and password within 3 working days of initiating the off line registration process.

Click here for more information about offline registration.

For more information on the registration process (online and offline), please send an email to ebookstore@chitshakti.org