Siddha Yoga Path in India

Offering Seva—Selfless Service
At Gurudev Siddha Peeth, Gurukula students and visiting sevites offer seva to support the ashram in fulfilling its purpose as a Gurukula and retreat site.

In addition to offering seva, Gurukula students and visiting sevites support the sacred atmosphere of the ashram by studying the Siddha Yoga teachings and participating in the practices of meditation, chanting, dakshina, and contemplation. Gurukula students and visiting sevites participate in the Ashram Daily Schedule.

Many Siddha Yogis dedicate 6 months or more of their time to offer seva as Gurukula students. Others offer seva as visiting sevites for shorter periods of time, based on available seva projects. In these ways, Siddha Yogis contribute their skills and expertise to support the ashram’s purpose.

There are seva positions available for both Gurukula students and visiting sevites.